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BodyBio PC

Frequently asked questions about BodyBio PC

What is BodyBio PC?

BodyBio PC is not a vitamin, but rather a potent combination of phospholipids, with the dominant one being Phosphatidylcholine, an integral component of our cell membranes. This combination is created through a distinct proprietary extraction process

How does BodyBio PC support your cells?

PC is an abbreviation for Phospholipid Complex, an essential blend of phospholipids that construct the cell membrane - think of this as the protective barrier embracing our cells and crucial components within, such as mitochondria. A well-functioning

What sets BodyBio PC apart from regular lecithin-based PC

Most PC products on the market are essentially lecithin suspended in oil. When consumed, these products yield a minuscule amount of phosphatidylcholine, but predominantly provide choline and triglycerides, as they are not in liposomal form. At BodyBi

How long will it take for me to feel the effects of BodyBio PC?

As with any supplement or new health routine, your experiences will vary depending on your age, diet, exercise, and overall state of health. BodyBio PC will start increasing levels of phospholipids shortly after you take it and will continue to maint

What is the source and purpose of ethanol in BodyBio's PC Complex of Phospholipids?

In BodyBio's PC Complex of Phospholipids, the ethanol used is derived from corn. The ethanol content varies depending on the form of the product. For the liquid PC, it ranges between 5-8%, while for softgels, it's typically in the range of 3-5%. Phar

Is BodyBio PC the same as Alpha GPC or Citicoline?

While Alpha-GPC is a precursor to acetylcholine (ACh), PC primarily provides structure and function to cell membranes. When taken as a liposome, the point of PC is to remain intact rather than to break down into phospholipid and choline. To different

Do you offer bulk discounts on BodyBio PC?

Yes, we provide a 20% discount for purchases of six or more bottles, applicable to both the 16 oz liquid variant and the 300 softgel variant.

Phospholipids per serving (PC, PI, PS, PE)

PC is derived from a naturally occurring substance so the numbers can fluctuate slightly. We produce PC in small batches so that we can assure quality and efficacy. We test our batches with a third party independent lab to ensure levels of phospholip

Does BodyBio PC contain soy?

BodyBio PC originates from soy lecithin, yet it's crucial to clarify that it contains no soy proteins. As it's the protein component in soy that typically triggers allergic or estrogenic responses, this distinction is significant. Although we can't a

What is the source of BodyBio PC, and is it safe for individuals with soy allergies?

BodyBio PC is meticulously crafted from soy lecithin. It's essential to understand that the protein component in soy is what typically triggers allergies and/or has estrogenic effects. Our final product, through an advanced proprietary extraction pro

Differences between BodyBio PC Liquid and softgel

The liquid and softgels contain the same PC. The only difference between the two is the liquid version travels directly to your cells while the softgel has to be broken down in your stomach before the PC can make its way to the cells.

Sources of gelatin and glycerin in the PC softgels

The gelatin used in our PC softgels is of bovine origin, meaning it is derived from cows. As for the glycerin component, it is sourced from non-GMO palm oil. We take great care in selecting high-quality ingredients for our softgels to ensure the utmo

How long should PC be used to see its effects?

We recommend using BodyBio PC for a minimum of six weeks to fully experience its effects. The benefits of PC supplementation are cumulative rather than immediate or acute. By taking PC consistently over an extended period, users have reported improve

Color variation in your BodyBio PC

The natural color variation in our PC liquid is due to the inherent differences in the lecithin used as an ingredient. As a result, you may notice variations in color from batch to batch. Rest assured that these color differences do not affect the qu

What dose of BodyBio PC should I take?

We have observed positive impacts on cellular and brain function starting at the 1300mg dose as recommended on the bottle with even more robust effects at the highest dose at 2 tablespoons a day. In real-life conditions, we've received very positive