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Frequently asked questions about BodyBio TUDCA.

Is TUDCA the same as Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid?

Yes. TUDCA is the same as Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid.

When is the best time to take TUDCA?

When considering the best time to take TUDCA, it's generally recommended to take it one to three times a day along with meals. While it can be consumed with or without food, absorption is typically improved when it's taken with meals. For those witho

Suggested TUDCA dosage

The recommended intake is two capsules per day, or as advised by your healthcare professional. A dose of 1750 mg is generally considered the acceptable upper limit for most individuals and can serve as a therapeutic dose for up to a month. TUDCA is a

Does TUDCA have any side effects?

TUDCA supplements are usually deemed safe when consumed within the suggested dosages. However, taking more than 1500 mg daily has been linked to incidents of diarrhea in some individuals, thus exceeding this amount is not advisable. Besides this, no

Can you take TUDCA if you do not have a gallbladder?

Yes, TUDCA is suitable for those without a gallbladder.

How long does TUDCA take to work?

Research suggests that the positive impacts of TUDCA usually become evident between one to six months of regular daily use.

Is BodyBio TUDCA sourced from bear or bull bile?

BodyBio's TUDCA is not sourced from bear bile, bull bile, or the bile of any other animal species. We prioritize ethical and sustainable practices in the production of our supplements.

Does TUDCA contain melatonin and will it make me drowsy?

No. The TUDCA supplement does not contain melatonin and it is not associated with causing drowsiness.

TUDCA and Alcohol

It is generally recommended to separate TUDCA and alcohol consumption by 12 hours. Since alcohol can have various effects on the body and metabolism, it is advisable to wait until all the alcohol has been metabolized and cleared from the system befor

Where is TUDCA sourced from?

BodyBio TUDCA is entirely synthetic and not derived from bear bile or the bile of any other animals. We prioritize ethical and sustainable practices in the creation of our products, and our TUDCA supplement is developed using synthetic sources to ens

Optimal fat digestion with Tudca

For optimal fat digestion and assimilation, incorporating TUDCA (Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid) and ox bile into your regimen can be significantly beneficial. TUDCA is a bile acid renowned for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and cytoprotective proper