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Medical Advice and SupplementationUpdated 4 months ago

Unfortunately, we are unable to comment on specific medical conditions or offer specific medical advice due to FDA regulations. With that said, our product suite is designed to help support foundational cellular health, which in turn can support overall health and healing. Your needs are unique based on a multitude of factors including your state of health, your diet and your environment. Since supplementation is so individualized, we are not able to offer personalized dosing advice. 

While we are happy to provide generalized information regarding our products, before starting any supplements, we strongly recommend speaking to your healthcare provider to ensure the supplements you are considering adding to your daily routine are both safe and effective for your specific case. We also suggest working with a functional medicine physician to help you customize a supplement protocol that is supportive of your unique health and wellness goals. To find an Institute for Functional Medicine Practitioner near you, you can visit:

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